More Writing Coming Soon!
02 Mar 2022
More writing will be coming soon. This portfolio website is somewhat new, so I am still decided what to include on this page. I am currently writing a science fiction short for a Caltech writing competition, which will surely be...
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VC117 Analytical Essay
01 Jan 2022
VC117: Picturing the Universe. For this analytical essay I traveled to Amboy Crator in the eastern Mojave Dessert. The total darkness sitting inside a volcano crater in the middle of the dessert was truly amazing. The highlight of the trip...
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Summer Undergraduate Research Proposal
01 Jan 2021
Research proposal for Caltech’s summer undergraduate research program. This corresponds to my position as a intern in the Ames lab for the summer of 2021.
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Michael Faraday and James Maxwell, why Opposites Attract
01 Aug 2020
Research Paper on Maxwell and Faraday written for Caltech HUM18. Compares the path of Maxwell and Faraday and their contributions to the field of E&M.
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